Rotary Screens

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Due to the composition of winery process wastewater, some screens have a tendency to plug or blind off causing process wastewater to flow through the length of the screen. Increasing the pressure and flow of the typical multiple spray nozzle system dramatically increases the amount of clean water used therefore increasing the volume to be processed through the treatment system. Lyve System’s engineers have provided a solution by incorporating a single ultra high pressure nozzle (1000 psi) that traverses back and forth across the screen giving extremely good cleaning using only 1.5 gpm

Application customizable

Wedge Wire Screens with a variety of slot widths available, can be tailored specifically to your requirements or specific application. Perforated Stainless Screens are available as an option. 

Low cost of ownership

Innovative design and super efficient and low maintenance direct drive system (no chains, gears or belts)

Autonomous operation

Automatic Start / Stop / Overrun Control Panel Included.

Robust engineering

High Quality Stainless Steel fabrication and skilled construction.

Efficient use of cleaning water

1000psi Spray Nozzle continuously travels length of screen for ultra effective cleaning using much less water than conventional spray bars. (1000 psi at less than 1.5 gpm)

Primary solids separation from the wastewater stream.

  • Winery & Brewery Wastewater
  • Sanitary / Municipal Applications
  • Chemical Plant Processing
  • Membrane Bioreactor Protection
  • Dairies / Creameries

Basic Specifications

System numbers below, refer to designated model numbers which directly correlate to there respective volume flow rates in gallons per minute. SC(XXX)  SC100 = 100 Gallons per minute

AOverall Height76"84"96"
BOverall Length53"82"105"
CBody Length44"71"95"
DBody Width30"36"48"
EScreen Length24"48"72"
FScreen Diameter18"24"36"
GSolids Chute Clearance36"36"36"
HInlet Height55"59"63"
IOutlet Height40"40"40"
JOutlet Offset from Centre6"9"12"
KAnchor Centers (Length)46"74"96"
LAnchor Centers (Width31"38"49"
 Anchor Size3/8"3/8"1/2"
 Inlet Size3" (ANSI 150)4" (ANSI 150)6" (ANSI 150)
 Outlet Size4" (ANSI 150)6" (ANSI 150)8" (ANSI 150)

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Company Founder Wayne August developed Lyve Systems specifically for winery applications, where producers face the challenges of very high biological oxygen-demand effluent. Though he and his family still reside in New Zealand, Wayne and his wife Nanette also have a residence here in Napa. Wayne has become a well-known fixture in the Napa Valley winery operations world. Lyve Systems’ enhanced biological digester is quickly becoming the industry standard in the environmentally progressive Napa Valley.

Wayne August