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Lyve Systems is continuously improving the treatment process by researching and adding new technology. Our latest systems are now equipped with the latest MBBR and MBR technologies.

Industry Focused Industry Lead

Lyve Systems is an industry-focused wastewater solution geared towards wine production. With over ten years of experience, Lyve Systems is the leading winery wastewater treatment system. Lyve Systems is able to target varying size wineries from small family-owned to large leading winery corporations.

With systems installed throughout the heart of wine country, our experienced staff is able to cater a specific solution to treat and reuse your winery wastewater.

Wastewater produced in wine-making facilities contains mainly soluble sugars and ethanol associated with the wine. These “contaminants” are dissolved into the water and cannot be separated by mechanical means. The Lyve System uses naturally occurring bacteria to break down these compounds.

Known for our small "footprint," our modular systems take up less space than conventional ponds or leach-fields, allowing better utilization of land.

Best in Class Service

Because the incoming wastewater stream is always changing, periodic adjustments need to be made to the process. Lyve technicians can assist the operator in making these management changes and in fact can virtually control the system remotely via internet, reducing the need for daily supervision from on-site personnel.

Operations & Maintenance Services

With a skilled technical services team in place, Lyve is prepared to offer a range of support for our installed systems. At a minimum, we monitor the systems remotely through the internet at no additional cost. We can also perform routine maintenance through regular site visits. And for those clients who choose to do so, we can take over the complete operation of the system. With the operations management contract, Lyve will guarantee the performance of the system within its design parameters. A monthly report that outlines all important performance functions of the system will be emailed to the client to verify that the system is operating correctly and efficiently.

Sludge Dewatering

The Lyve system has two by-products, the most important of which is re-usable water. The other is sludge that needs to be periodically pulled from the system. This sludge represents between two and three percent of the total volume, and must be hauled off or dewatered and then can be used as compost. Various dewatering options are now available through Lyve Systems.

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Company Founder Wayne August developed Lyve Systems specifically for winery applications, where producers face the challenges of very high biological oxygen-demand effluent. Though he and his family still reside in New Zealand, Wayne and his wife Nanette also have a residence here in Napa. Wayne has become a well-known fixture in the Napa Valley winery operations world. Lyve Systems’ enhanced biological digester is quickly becoming the industry standard in the environmentally progressive Napa Valley.

Wayne August