Waste Water Treatment

Flexibility and Versatility

Lyve Systems offers custom designed wastewater treatment systems for any size winery.  Lyve Systems’ flexibility and versatility allows each system to be uniquely designed to meet the winery’s aesthetic and site needs and treatment requirements.


Meets and Exceeds Governing Agency Effluent Regulations.


Flexible and Aesthetically Pleasing Design Options                                                Manufactured in the USA.


Treats Process Waste, Sanitary Waste or Combined Wastewater

Small Footprint

Integrated Tank Design                                      Energy Efficient


Other Special Features

Award Winning Technology   

Performance Guarantee             

Low Life Cycle Costs

Easy Clean Membrane Design

Remote Monitoring and Operation Capabilities           

Energy Efficient

Full Operations and Engineering Support Available                                                         

High Focus on Service and Support

Operation and Maintenance Programs


New Generation

Fiberglass‐reinforced polymer single piece construction which is corrosion resistant & UV stable

The Above Package Includes

  • Integrated Equalization Tank
  • pH Adjustment System
  • 2 Stage Moving Bed Bio‐Film Reactor
  • Membrane Bio‐Reactor (MBR)
  • Dual Aerobic Sludge Digesters
  • UV Disinfection (for sanitary wastewater applications)
  • Lyve Control Center with Remote Operation

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CEO Executive Director

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Company Founder Wayne August developed Lyve Systems specifically for winery applications, where producers face the challenges of very high biological oxygen-demand effluent. Though he and his family still reside in New Zealand, Wayne and his wife Nanette also have a residence here in Napa. Wayne has become a well-known fixture in the Napa Valley winery operations world. Lyve Systems’ enhanced biological digester is quickly becoming the industry standard in the environmentally progressive Napa Valley.

Wayne August